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EA (Expert Advisers),What they are and why they are used in Forex

EA (Expert Advisers),What they are and why they are used in Forex

An expert adviser is simply a program which can execute any task it's instructed to do without any direct human involvement required.
They allow the user to automate the trading and analytical process on a given platform such as MT4.If trying to make an EA one needs to use an editor such as Meta Editor on the MT4 terminal. Then the user gives a set of instructions to the program to execute under certain conditions, it can be user to execute multiple trades in seconds or perform analytical process on any given feed/information given on the MT4 platform.
Why EAs are popular and used?
Quick to open positions and react to market volatility:
With so many instruments available to trade and so much analysis to do, humans can not make time for the analysis of the market and cannot open multiple positions to avail all the intraday opportunities in the market. While an EA can analyze a greater number of instruments to make truly a diverse portfolio and react to market volatility much faster.
EA strategies can be back tested:
The set of instructions or the strategy that you code in the EA can be back tested to ensure that it's delivering the results wanted by the developer.
No Emotions to hamper potential profits:
Emotions and psycology plays an important role when the trade goes the wrong way. One of the many benefits of an EA is that it has no emotions as compared to humans and can open close trades based on the parameters given and respond with risk management protocols if trades go wrong.
No rest needed :
Unlike humans the EA doesn't need to eat, sleep, drop kids to school or go to work etc. They start compiling the instruction set whenever the program/EA is executed. It can perform market analysis all the time without break and open trades when there are more potential opportunities in the market which the human trader might be missing because of his busy life.
However traders should be aware of the risks involved with using an EA. There are many good ones giving a substantial return over investment per anum but many of the ones which claim astronomical returns might turn out to be fraudulent. If these astronomical returns were that easy to get using EAs then all banks and hedge funds would just put their money with the EA and the world would be a much richer place :D
While checking for EAs to buy be sure to check their history , user reviews and back tested data before risking your investment. Remember many unethical brokers make fake historical trade data which these fraudulent EA developers market online and entice clients with huge returns.
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